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PlateDEF multi-client studies include a report and digital data and are available individually or as a fully integrated package .

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PlateDEF multi-client deformable plate reconstruction studies from GeoArctic provide New Ventures and Frontier explorationists with the regional structural and tectonic understanding to support prospect-specific exploration in the North and Central Atlantic, Circum-Arctic and Baffin-Labrador-West Greenland.

North Atlantic

The PlateDEF study for the North Atlantic covers the conjugate margins of Newfoundland-Ireland and East Greenland-Europe. This study is of interest to anyone exploring the deep water hyperextended basins around the margins including those of the Norwegian shelf (Møre, Vøring basins) Newfoundland (East and West Orphan basins), offshore Ireland (Porcupine and Rockall basins), and western offshore UK, including the hyperextended basins of the West of Shetlands. The study also encompasses the Jan Mayen microcontinent and East Greenland.

Baffin-Labrador-West Greenland

The PlateDEF studyprovides new insights into the complex interaction between rifting, strike-slip fault zones, and Cenozoic compression. The timing of breakup, and the extent of hyper-extended crust and mantle exhumation in the ocean basins, have been re-defined as a result of the study. Modelling the northward propagation of the rift system shows a progressive development of structures which influence deposition and potential trap integrity. Mapping the geometry and connectivity of the rift basins helps to assess the critical marine connections to the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

Circum-Arctic and Barents Sea

The PlateDEF plate study for the Circum-Arctic is based on years of work in the area, reinterpretation of all relevant public domain data, and new gravity and structural modeling. The model sheds light on the timing and direction of opening of the Arctic basins, the nature of the Alpha-Mendeleev ridge and the role of transform zones in the transfer of extension from the Atlantic and Baffin Bay rift systems. It also highlights the influence of distant Arctic tectonics on the Barents shelf.

Central Atlantic

The PlateDEF plate studyfor the Central Atlantic is the most recent deformable plate multi-client study. GeoArctic brings its experience from previous studies to the conjugate margins of Newfoundland-Iberia, Nova Scotia-Morocco, and the US Eastern Seaboard-Northwest and West Africa. This study covers the salt provinces of Nova Scotia and the Eastern Seaboard, Morocco and West Africa.

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