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Deformable Plate Reconstructions






Baffin-Labrador-West Greenland Phase I

Phase I - Released February 2014

Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea have been the focus of a renewed exploration effort over the last decade which has resulted in a vast amount of new geological and geophysical data. At the same time deformable plate modelling methodology has advanced, so that the complex interaction between rifting, strike-slip fault zones, and Cenozoic compression can now be modelled. This study provides exploration geologists with the information they need to re-evaluate the region using this new plate model.

The timing of breakup, and the extent of hyper-extended crust and mantle exhumation in the ocean basins, have been re-defined as a result of the study. Modelling the northward propagation of the rift system shows a progressive development of structures which influence deposition and potential trap integrity. Mapping the geometry and connectivity of the rift basins helps to assess the critical marine connections to the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

North-East Atlantic & North-East Greenland Phase II

Phase I (NE Greenland only) - Released April 2013
Phase II (NE Atlantic & NE Greenland) – Relased July 2014

The acquisition of the newly-acquired NE Greenland SPAN™ deep long-offset seismic data by ION-GX Technology has provided new insights into the structural and stratigraphic development of NE Greenland. The new seismic data has allowed us to identify new basins, more accurately define the COB location, refine estimates of depth to basement and depth to Moho, and better establish the timing and amount of extension that took place. The NE Greenland PlateDEF study (Phase 1) has now been extended to include the entire East Greenland – NW European margin (Phase 2).

The study is invaluable for companies evaluating the north-east Greenland shelf and for those working on upcoming license rounds in the North Atlantic.

Circum-Arctic Phase I

Phase I - Due for release in Summer 2015

Phase I of this ongoing multi-year research project will be available in Summer 2015. Deformable plate reconstructions are data and interpretation intensive and GeoArctic's deformable plate model for the Aircum-Arctic is based on years of work in the area, reinterpretation of all relevant public domain data, new gravity and structural modeling and, with permission, new interpretions of high quality seismic data from ION-GX Technology.

All data and reconstructions accompanying the study are available in ArcGIS format.

GeoArcGeoArctic's PlateDEF workflow is used to produce a consistent regional model for the North Atlantic - Arctic that may be used as a basis for GeoArctic's PlateDEF multi-client regional studies or integrated with client data to produce proprietary studies while maintaining the integrity of the client data. GeoArctic's PlateDEF studies include:

• Continent-Ocean Boundaries (COBs)
• Beta Grids for each Tectonic Event around the Study Margin (ßeta-STACK)
• Poles of Rotation • Depth to Basement and Moho
• Refraction Seismic Database
• Palaeomagnetism Database
• Magnetic Anomaly Interpretations
• Crustal Thickness
• Age of Breakup and Tectonic Events
• Seismo-stratigraphic Correlations
• Regional Uplift and Landscape Analyses
• Palaeo-DEMS
• Palaeogeography Maps
• Reconstructed Structure Maps

• Tectonic Elements


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