Deformable Plate Modelling

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Multi-Client Study Support

GeoArctic works with our PlateDEF multi-client study clients to ensure that they get the most out of them. All study purchases includes several days consultancy, support and upgrades.

Proprietary Deformable-Plate Reconstructions

GeoArctic's services also include development of proprietary deformable plate models and reconstructions based on geological and geophysical and other data (e.g. seismic, wells, gravity, etc.) provided by the client and integrated with our PlateDEF model and database in order to:

• Update and develop regional and detailed plate models

• Produce reconstructions in support of existing licenses or license applications

• Restore and reconstruct palaeogeography, structure maps, etc.

• Update and develop regional and detailed plate models

• Evaluate and compare alternative model scenarios

While GeoArctic specializes in the North Atlantic and Arctic region covered by the PlateDEF model and database, proprietary deformable plate reconstruction services can be carried out for other areas using client seismic, well, and other data in conjunction with public domain and commercially available datasets.


Selected Proprietary Study Areas
Completed 1999-2016

• East and West Greenland
• Barents Sea
• Jan Mayen
• Faroes/West Shetlands
• North Atlantic – Vøring and Møre Basins
• Baffin Bay
• Labrador Sea
• Davis Strait
• Orphan Basin
• Ireland-Newfoundland
• Amerasia Basin
• Beaufort Sea
• Circum-Arctic
• SE Asia
• Global Plate Reconstruction/Source Rock Study


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