Deformable Plate Modelling

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GeoArctic Ltd. Combining their strong background in structural geology, computational tectonics, and plate modelling, geologists Richard Whittaker and Bridget Ady founded GeoArctic Ltd. in Calgary in 1996.

In 1999 GeoArctic significantly advanced deformable plate modelling with the development of the first deformable plate reconstruction software that accurately removed the effects of pre-breakup extension across conjugate margins, thereby providing a means to better evaluate basin formation and evolution. For the first time accurately restored structure maps, palaeogeography maps, sediment source area maps, source rock and reservoir facies maps could be reconstructed to their relative palaeo-position allowing us to evaluate the structural development of a basin, the depositional setting and provenance of reservoir rocks, source rock distribution, basin connectivity, palaeo-climate and ocean currents. Since 1999 GeoArctic has gone on to become the industry leader in deformable plate recosntruction modelling and has established strong ties with researchers in government, academia, and industry.


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