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Regional PlateDEF Studies

  • North & Central Atlantic
  • Circum-Arctic
  • Baffin-Labrador-West Greenland
  • Newfoundland-Ireland-Iberia
  • Nova Scotia-Morocco
  • Eastern Seaboard-West Africa
  • Regional PlateDEF Studies

  • Quantify and restore crustal stretching and shortening for key tectonic events around the continental margins.
  • Evaluate tectonic development, basin geometry and depositional environments for key source rock and reservoir intervals.
  • Reduce risk and evaluate licensing rounds in frontier and underexplored basins.
  • Regional PlateDEF Studies

  • Hyperextended margins
  • Magma-rich and magma-poor margins
  • Frontier and underexplored regions
  • Salt provinces

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    Upcoming Events
    October 15-18 2017 at the AAPG|SEG International Conference & Exhibition, London, UK

    Ady, B. E. & Whittaker, R. C., A Palinspastic Deformable Plate Kinematic Model Offers New Perspectives on Paleozoic to Cenozoic Circum-Arctic Sedimentary Basin Evolution.

       Whittaker, R. C & Ady, B. E.., The Consequences of Hyperextension on Deep Water Basins: Examples from the North Atlantic and Circum-Arctic.

    Recent Publications

    Ady, B. E. & Whittaker, R. C., (in press): A classification scheme for plate kinematic models and their applications: a palinspastic deformable margin model as an analytical tool to examine the influence of tectonic inheritance on the evolution of the North Atlantic and Labrador Sea margins (in Tectonic Evolution: 50 Years of the Wilson Cycle Concept, Geological Society of London Special Publication)

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