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Upcoming News and Events

October 15-18 2013 - 3P Arctic Conference and Exhibition, Stavangar, Norway: GeoArctic will present  Deformable Plate Modelling Provides a New Perspective on the Hyper-Extended Basins of the Norwegian Margin. Also, visit us at Booth 401.

October 2013 - Phase II of the North-East Greenland PlateDEF study and plate model is due for release.

December 2013 - Phase I of Southeast Greenland-West Shetlands PlateDEF study and plate model is due for release.

News Archive

April 2013- GeoArctic announces the release of Phase I multi-client PlateDEF North-East Greenland study and plate model.

June 2010 - GeoArctic awarded major plate reconstruction project "Kinematic Plate Reconstruction of the North Atlantic between Ireland and Newfoundland" by the Petroleum Infrastructure Project (PIP) of Ireland

October 2007 -Fugro-Robertson, UK adopts GeoArctic deformable plate technology for global plate reconstruction projects.

Deformable Plate Reconstruction Studies - PlateDEF
GeoArctic are recognized as industry leaders in the field of deformable plate modelling and its application to oil and gas exploration. Using software and analytical techniques resulting from many years of in-house R & D, GeoArctic has built PlateDEF - a data-constrained deformable plate model and database for the North Atlantic and Arctic. PlateDEF provides the foundation for our geoscientists to produce regional, multiclient plate reconstruction studies. These studies integrate many years of research on the tectonic evolution and petroleum systems of the North Atlantic and Arctic. PlateDEF studies provide oil companies with the critical information they need for risk assessment of frontier areas. Studies include Northeast Greenland, Southeast Greenland/West of Shetlands, West Greenland/Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay.

Deformable Plate Reconstruction Services
GeoArctic's services include development of proprietary deformable plate models and reconstructions based on geological and geophysical data provided by the client and integrated with GeoArctic's PlateDEF model and database. Clients can also update their proprietary model and map deliverables using GeoArctic's online deformable plate reconstruction service.

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